We are ne’er like angels ’til our passion dies.
It seemed that, for once, they were able to spend a night out on the town — or at least outside their homes — without being bombarded by a hundred cameras. Fans were one thing; they weren’t always rude, money-grubbing assholes. But the other ones, the paps, oh they were the ones that ruined everything.

The truth was, where they were concerned, Aaron was near the end of his rope. Again. Granted, that was a place he often found himself. God knew he had managed to forge himself a reputation, and not entirely a good one, where they were concerned. And as it was, the movie they had done earlier that year together had done them no favors as far as privacy went.

Officially, Aaron and Colin had been a couple at the time. But on the record, it wasn’t generally public knowledge. They had taken a sort of Ben Affleck/Matt Damon approach while they were out. Neither went out of their way to confirm any rumors, but neither did they deny them, often using some sort of deflection tactics to change the subject or otherwise give some non-answer.

Tonight, though, he was ready to snap. The intrusions were constantly in the back of his mind, often preventing him from truly enjoying himself even when there was not much to deal with. Even when there was no one around to see them. Maybe it was just because the rumor mill was what it was, and he still hadn’t quite gotten used to all the speculations. It wasn’t anyone’s business but his own and whomever he was dating, sure, but that wasn’t all there was to it.

Still, so far it had been an uneventful, enjoyable evening. Even just going out to dinner could at times be a tremendous task, but they had managed to get it through without being bothered too much. But, soon enough, they were met with the all-too-familiar flashing lights right in their faces. It had been too much to hope for, for the evening to go smoothly. Well, that was unfortunate for the nearest camera holder.

“What the fuck is your problem?” he said, practically yelling at the small crowd of people nearby. A few of them took some steps back. Aaron’s rage was clear to all who were looking.

“I, I’m just...”

“I’m just, I’m just” Aaron said, mocking the poor soul, rolling his eyes. “You’re just getting in my face with your fucking camera.” The disgust was palpable, dripping off every one of his words.

The man, thrown off by Aaron’s sheer force of personality in that moment, not to mention intimidated by his size, cowered and tried to put his camera away. Aaron, however, had none of it, and snatched it from the shaken man’s hands. “How much does this cost?” he said, eyeing the man.

“Um, uh, it... uh...”

“Not fucking enough, obviously.” In what seemed like an instant, the camera left his hands, and slammed to the ground. “It doesn’t cost enough for you to keep your shit out of people’s faces. No one comes around and gets six inches from you taking pictures. I don’t fucking appreciate it, you slimy piece of shit.” With that, he turned to leave, still steaming.

The man’s face contorted in anger, and he made a move to try to stand up for himself, shocked that not only was he being talked to in such a way but that now the remains of his camera were strewn over the sidewalk. “It’s just my fucking job!”

Aaron whirled and shoved his finger in the man’s face. “And my job is to keep little shits like you entertained. But you can do your job without your fucking camera in fucking arm’s reach, can’t you? Now get the fuck out of my face, and get the fuck out of here.”

When he could tell that the man had nothing more to add, he turned to leave, flushed with anger and still angered. Colin, naturally, was barely holding back his laughter. At least he could count on him to be entertained by such displays. And more, that he would be a sort of ground for him. Thankfully, his bursts of anger were almost always short-lived. There was a strange satisfaction to having gone through that, though. Mostly because it meant it would be a while before it happened again, and he would not be so tense for some time to come.
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